Canyon Band
Welcome to the online home of the Canyon High School Comanche Golden Warrior Regiment. We are located in Anaheim Hills, an affluent community within the City of Anaheim, the second largest city in Orange County and the tenth largest city in the State of California.

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Web Team

Christopher Nguyen
Owner Of CanyonBand


Christopher Hoang Nguyen was a four-year member of the Regiment. Born and raised in Orange County, Chris has lived in Anaheim Hills since he was three years old. In addition to being band president, Chris is also a founding webmaster of He loves the social sciences (he plans to double major in political science and economics in college), likes English, and dislikes math. Chris will attend Stanford University beginning in Fall 2003.

Aaron Wynn
Executive Webmaster


Not much is known about the current webmaster of Canyonband. It's rumored that Aaron is a member of the senior class and a driving force behind the sixth ESLR. Sources close to Aaron say that in his free time Aaron enjoys plotting to take over the world, running, eating pie, and creating websites.


The below software is used to create

Notepad (to make page templates)
Adobe Photoshop (used to edit photos)
JASIC Paint Shop Pro (used to create logos & compress files)
Arkine HEX Color (for creating color scheme)
Utopia News Pro (for posting news easily)
phpEventCalendar (calendar page)
Coppermine (for the pictures section)

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World Web Hosters (www.worldwebhosters)
Webmoney (
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Elated (